Misc questions about type objects and Python 3.0

Carl Banks imbosol at vt.edu
Tue Oct 8 05:10:03 CEST 2002

1. Is it the plan that Python 3.0 be binary compatible with Python

2. If it isn't (I'm guessing it will be), is it the plan to keep
   reference counting?  It seems to me that getting rid of reference
   counting might be the first step to getting rid of the GIL.

3. The docs say types choose their member resolution order (?), but
   I'm wondering if that's just a temporary hack to support both
   old-style and new-style classes.  After old-style classes are
   dropped, will MRO be fixed for all types?  (And is it really that
   useful for it to be customizable?)

4. What is the point of having both tp_base and tp_bases in the type

5. What's the deal with unification of numeric types?  What's expected
   or planned or hoped for in 3.0?


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