Is the word "Python" copyrighted/trademarked?

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Tue Oct 1 23:47:13 CEST 2002

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>> Hey everybody,
>> I tried figuring out the answer to the question in the subject by reading
> the
>> Python 2.2 license in the end of the library reference.
>>   "This License Agreement does not grant permission to use PSF trademarks
>>    or trade name in a trademark sense to endorse or promote products or
>>    services of Licensee, or any third party."
>> My question is whether the word "Python" classifies as a PSF trademark or
>> trade name?  Eg., if I wanted to create a web server in Python (not that I
>> want to), could I call it "Python Web Server" without breaking any rules?
> check out serial #76044902 on the uspto web site ( then
> contact your attorney for actual advice.
> -d
Thank you for the pointer.  It does indeed answer my most direct question;
it's probably safest to not use the word "Python" as descriptive of a Python


Troels Therkelsen 

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