State of Jython?

Ype Kingma ykingma at
Sun Oct 13 21:33:02 CEST 2002


> This is a very interested flavor of python and I am interested in using
> more;
> however, I noticed that the last update is in december.  Anyway, I was
> playing
> with it and the implementation does not seem compatible with jdk 1.4.  I
> am curious to know how active this is and what the future is; for example,
> when will 2.2 be released?

There was a recent discussion on this on jython-dev, have a look at the 

> The jython code has an assert method and this is a reserved word.  Anyway,
> I tried playing around with the source to see if I could have jython
> generate and use a py_assert method instead of assert; i.e. python/jython
> assert call is
> translated in py_assert and the library routine would be called py_assert.
>  I
> could not figure it out.  If I understood more about the pieces and how to
> build it, I would fix this problem.

This was fixed in the cvs version some time ago, see version 2.67 of

I'm not sure whether other Jython source code files are affected.

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