Access PC Sound Card Under Windoze?

Gary Richardson garyr at
Sat Oct 19 19:17:00 CEST 2002

I've written a wrapper (using CXX & MSVS) for a C++ sound card driver that
allows you to set the sample rate, buffer size, number of channels, bits per
sample and provides direct control of reading and writing.
Data is passed to/from the driver via Python arrays (i.e., via pointers) so
it is quite efficient in that regard. It also releases the GIL when blocking
on input or output so it can be used in a multi-threaded environment.
I've only used it on Win98 but I expect that it would work on a Win2K

I'd be happy to zip up the driver, wrapper and some Python test code and
send it to you if you are interested.

Gary Richardson

"Bill Rodgers" <nospam at> wrote in message
news:EpYr9.104399$Cz.11349091 at
> Hi,
> I'm using Win2K and would like to use my sound card as a simple minded
> analog to digital converter.  I see info in the Python docs about playing
> sound files, but I would like to access the sound card at a lower level.
> would like to do things like set the sample rate, tell the card to start
> sampling, then process the input data with some DSP type code.  My sound
> card seems to be compatible with Soundblaster Live!.
> Thanks,
> Bill

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