Lucene and indexing

Michal Wallace sabren at
Fri Oct 18 19:48:10 CEST 2002

On Fri, 18 Oct 2002, Mr P wrote:

> I am looking for a fast, "industrial strength", incremental indexer for 
> Python. I have looked at ransacker and, but they don't cut the 
> mustard. Are there any other I should look at?

Ransacker is a little baby. :) 

Did you look at the verison on sourceforge? If so, you saw
the old verison. I wrote a new version a couple weeks
ago. It's based on Metakit. It's MUCH faster, smaller, and
cleaner. There's an article about it here:

It's only an indexer though. You can only query for one word
at a time, and it does do some primitive ranking... There's
no boolean search or phrase search though. (Though that
article explains how to build a boolean search if anyone's

The code is here:

Of course, Ransacker is not meant to be anywhere near as
sophisticated as Lucene. Ransacker goes for quick and easy
and modular... Lucene's designed by a search engine pro, and
meant to be smart. :)


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