Reports, PDF, and grid widget for Python?

John Hunter jdhunter at
Mon Oct 21 17:29:35 CEST 2002

>>>>> "Adams-Blake" == Adams-Blake Co <aremovethiscanton at> writes:

    Adams-Blake> Finally, I want this to run on the Mac,
    Adams-Blake> Linux, and Windows.... with an install as easy as
    Adams-Blake> possible and able to be performed by a
    Adams-Blake> non-techie. Thus, I don't want to get "involved" with
    Adams-Blake> a 3rd party widget library (wxW.., Qt, etc.) that
    Adams-Blake> might make the install a nightmare for the user.

Umm.. The *whole* point of the wx library is that it is cross
platform.  You write to their interface, which is then linked with the
appropriate platform specific widget library -- Linux GTK+ / MS
Windows / Mac OSX are all supported.

Check out the demo in wxPython that comes with wxPythonSrc-
There is a wxWizard for designing cross platform install wizards.

    Adams-Blake> Is there a native Python library to do grids? How do
    Adams-Blake> you folks "layout" complex reports and send them to
    Adams-Blake> PDF?

See the wxGrid demo under 'Core Windows/Controls' for grid demo.

You may be interested in for pdf generation.

John Hunter

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