Help with Run Script please!

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Wed Oct 9 21:06:14 CEST 2002

Hi Steve, afraid your question is missing a few pieces of data:

    Which Python have you installed (ActivePython (a heavy distribution 
from ActiveState that includes the PythonWin IDE and the IDLE IDE) or 
the Generic Python (a light distribution which only includes 

    Which IDE are you using (see previous question)?

The error sounds like it's coming from IDLE (I can't reproduce the error 
in Pythonwin, and the command to run a script is File|Run there), and it 
sounds like you've edited/created a script, then not saved the file to 
disk before trying to run it.  Python IDEs normally demand that the 
files be saved to disk before running (it makes for a much 
easier-to-develop system that way). You'll likely find that chosing 
File|Save gives you a dialog which lets you save your script to a file. 
 Choosing Run should then allow you to specify the file you just created 
for running.

Alternately (i.e. if I misunderstood the question), you may be trying to 
"run" the interactive interpreter buffer?  Some IDEs allow you to save 
that to a file to "run it again", and the error message sounds like it 
might be referring to that.

Sorry if this is too basic a level of instruction (i.e. you already know 
all that and your problem is more subtle),

Steve wrote:

>Hi All
>New to the group and also to Python. I`ve just installed Python (2.2.1) on a
>win 98 setup and when I click on Edit - Run Script I get the message  "The
>buffer for Python shell is not saved please save it first!" so am unable to
>run any script I`ve produced, wondered if anyone can tell me how to save the
>`Python shell buffer` as I can`t find any reference to this.
  Mike C. Fletcher
  Designer, VR Plumber, Coder

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