Buffering control in python?

Fernando Pérez fperez528 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 13 23:45:21 CEST 2002

holger krekel wrote:

> No that i know off. The closest is the aspn-cookbook.
> Heck, I can't believe it.
> We still don't have a useful repository for all
> the nice snippets, recipes and patterns posted and
> discussed everywhere.  Although there is plenty of nice
> web-software, mailing lists and whatnot written in python.
> Sometimes people say that we have a great standard lib
> aka "batteries included".  True, but i don't think that's
> enough.  E.g.

Hey Holger, why don't you repost this as a new thread? I think it's worth it 
and it will prevent it from being filtered out by those who see the buffering 
subject and decide they are not interested.



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