Spell-check engine?

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at rogers.com
Fri Oct 18 21:37:26 CEST 2002

Anyone have a fairly standard spell-check engine available for use from 
Python?  That is, something with an interface something like this:

# create dictionary with union of 3 word-sets
dictionary = CreateDictionary('en_ca', ('general','informal','email') )

suggestions = dictionary.check( """Dear Mum,\n\nHow are you and dd, 
wondring why yous never write.""")
for item in suggestions: print suggestions

( "Mum", ("Mom","mums"), (5,8))
( "dd", ("did", "Dad", ...), (27,29))
( "wondring", (...), (...))
( "yous", (...), (...))

# add a word to a particular word-set
dictionary.getSet('informal').add( "Mum" )
dictionary.getSet('informal').remove( "mums" )

I'm interested primarily in the _engine_, I know where to get various 
dictionaries of words, but I don't know of any free fuzzy-match engines 
that give you suggestions given a body of words.  I'd really like the 
ability to have multiple loaded word-sets (with the ability to create 
unions of the sets as seen above), but I can, I suppose, handle that at 
the application level.

This is more curiosity than a real project issue (I just downloaded a 
buggy spell-check for Mozilla).  I was just wondering if it would be 
feasible to wrap such a thing in Corba and COM wrappers and make it a 
generic cross-platform OS service so that projects such as Open Office, 
Mozilla and even proprietary software could share the same engine (and 
the same dictionaries).  Would want to provide some management UI stuff 
(control-panel app on Windows, not sure what on Linux) for 
adding/removing word-sets, exporting word-sets for backup, sharing and 
the like, but that'd be pretty simple compared to the services 
themselves.  Might also need policy control for user versus system 
dictionaries I suppose.

Curiosity killed the...

  Mike C. Fletcher
  Designer, VR Plumber, Coder

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