Tkinter layout problem

David Dawkins david_j_dawkins at
Thu Oct 31 22:02:37 CET 2002

The answer is to use the "sticky" option. I looked for ages before
I posted, honest.:)


"David Dawkins" <david_j_dawkins at> wrote in message
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> Hi,
> Can anybody show me how to create the following, please?
> My main window has three sections, laid out on top of each
> other:
>    Label: [Entry]  Label:[Entry] Button
>    Text #1 (resizable width and height)
>    Text #2 (resizable width only)
> I put the top set of Labels and Entry objects in their own
> Frame, so used the Gridder to stack the Frame and Text
> objects on top of each other. Anyhow, after much trial and
> error I'm unable to make the middle Text object resize its
> height, even after doing a columnconfigure.
> I'd appreciate any help you can offer.
> Thanks
> David

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