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Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Tue Oct 1 21:49:55 CEST 2002

 > what's the problem with pyopengl? ( i'm working with it right now )

No problem with it, I just figure that it's too early to cut off 
versions of PyOpenGL for Python < 2.2 for the minimal benefits the use 
of 2.2 features would have (after all, PyOpenGL's just a wrapper around 
a lot of functions and a few simple data structures, no real need for 
the 2.2 features, which are mostly focussed on object-orientation).  I 
do all my coding on all the projects under 2.2, but I only worry about 
back-porting those two projects (SimpleParse and PyOpenGL/OpenGLContext) 
to work under earlier Pythons .

In other words, PyOpenGL is too "standard" and "functional" to be 
forcing people to upgrade to Python 2.2 just to use it when there's no 
critical reason to force the upgrade.  So, I annoy myself (and my 
co-developers :) ) by demanding that it run on the earlier versions of 
Python as well as the later versions.

In contrast, basicproperty, wxoo and wxprop (my other active projects) 
all are based, at their most fundamental levels, on object-orientation, 
and particularly the new 2.2 descriptor APIs.  Without those APIs, 
coding the packages, while possible, would be a royal pain, so I'm 
willing to cut out those not able to upgrade to Python 2.2 or above.


gabor wrote:
> On Tue, 2002-10-01 at 21:11, Mike C. Fletcher wrote:
>>Which is more up-front work, but does make the inheritance and 
>>overloading of methods explicit in the code, which some people like :) . 
>>  Personally, I've just moved to Python 2.2 for everything save PyOpenGL 
>>and SimpleParse and if people need to use the other modules, they need 
>>to upgrade, which lets me use all the neat 2.2 features :) .
> what's the problem with pyopengl? ( i'm working with it right now )
> bye,
> gabor

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