Is the word "Python" copyrighted/trademarked?

Grant Edwards grante at
Wed Oct 2 17:21:19 CEST 2002

In article <anev14$cv655$2 at>, Philipp Pagel wrote:
> Mark McEahern <marklists at> wrote:
>> Lots of folks seem to use Py as a prefix when naming their software.
>> PyThis.  PyThat.
> Actually I have been wondering for some time why you would want to do
> that.

I had assumed that it was becuase they were meant to be used by
Python programs (they are libraries or extensions).  

> Why would I call my program "pyScrewup" instead of "Screwup"?
> People usually don't call their programms "C++Writer" or
> "ObfuscatedperlMail" ...
> I think such names are rather confusing because I tend to assume that
> the name is mostly related to the job the piece of software does.

If they're end-user apps, then I agree. But, if it's someting
like Python bindings for the Foo library, the PyFoo seems a
good name.

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