Python threading?

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Wed Oct 9 13:55:58 CEST 2002

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> Steve Holden wrote:
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> > Until I read this, I thought there might be practical reasons to think
> > about mixing the two approaches. Asyncore is a great way to be
> > to incoming network connections and data, but if the process then has to
> > hang around to do database I/O you might not win very much from the
> > asynchronous approach.
> It seems that Twisted Matrix lets you mix the two approaches quite
nicely --
> as an asyncore fan to another, I would suggest you look into Twisted, as
> better asyncore than asyncore" in some ways:-).  (I've only really looked
> into the lower levels, so far, but I like what I see there, quite a lot).

In that case mmayeb you could help me. I've always found twisted to be a bit
unapproachable, though I suspect it might be more to do with me than with
twisted. The impression I have is that "it's easy to understand if you
already understand it", but that the documentation doesn't realy explain the
principles on which it's based.

Of course this is far from uncommon in the open-source world, but I guess
I'll take another look.

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