How to get the minor and major device numbers with os.stat ?

Grant Edwards grante at
Mon Oct 21 04:46:13 CEST 2002

In article <pan.2002. at>, Alain Tesio wrote:

> Hi, I can't manage to get the major or minor device numbers
> with os.stat

AFAIK, os.stat() has never returned device number info.
Last time I looked, the posix stat wrapper doesn't do anyting
with the st_rdev field.  [Don't know why -- it sure would be
useful sometimes.]

This question comes up every year or so in the newsgroup, and
the only answer seems to be to run /sbin/stat and parse the
output.  If you google the group for "stat device major minor"
you should find example work-around code that uses /sbin/stat.

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