Python CSV

Alex Martelli aleax at
Sun Oct 6 11:54:56 CEST 2002

Max wrote:

>>You should really work to solve this problem: it would be no use at all if
>> you found "a good, old simple zipfile" (or more likely tarball) if it
>> was on a host that your buggy DNS can't get to, right?
> It's the first time it happend, and I don't know how to fix it... I'm sure
> it's the proxy blocking
> something but I prefer to spend that time developing! : )

I sympathize, but SOME level of system administration is indispensable --
either you do it yourself or have somebody else do it.

>> As CVS gets often update, the idea of somebody getting a snapshot often
>> rather than just the updates (and thus wasting a lot of bandwidth)
>> is quite unattractive to some.
> I think is not a good idea to develop with current beta in debug mode and

There is no current beta right now (the stuff in CVS is pre-alpha, not
even an alpha yet), though there are releases.

> then make the
> release with the stable version: now I have the python23_d.dll but I was
> looking for python22_d.dll.

To build python22_d.dll, don't touch Python's CVS -- just download the
tarball (tgz file) for Python 2.2.2 (early next week -- you could download
2.2.1 right now, but wait a few days and you'll get a better, even more
solid release...), unpack it (e.g. with winzip if you're on windows), open 
the supplied MSVC++6 workspace, set options to your liking, and build.

The source distribution of (released) Python helps you on Windows just
as it does on Unix-like platforms etc.


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