inheritance problem

gabor gabor at
Tue Oct 1 18:08:53 CEST 2002


i have the following problem:

i'm using GLUT to create an opengl application but this is not important

let's say i'm using an api which uses callback functions for things like
onkeypress etc...

now i want to wrap it in an object-oriented manner:

the basic problem is that how to route the event-handlers to the correct

i solved it like this:

i created a base class ( let's call it BaseClass):
	its constructor does some basic initialization, then creates a new
window, and receives a windowID... this is an unique number...
	so he saves the windowID + self in a dictionary

	then he registers the callback functions..

	the callback functions work like this:

def KeyPressCallback(key):
	currentWindowID = glutGetWindow()
	instance = objects[currentWindowID]

	and so on

	and of course the base class had some methods which were empty 	ones,
to be overriden by the inherited class's methods
	so for example:
def displayData(self):
	#this method is called from opengl..

then i created an inherited class (let's call it InheritedClass):
	and override displayData

	but there's the problem:
	in that windowIDdictionary, the type of the self's is BaseClass,
	so it won't call InheritedClass's methods :-((((

any ideas how to do this correctly?
as i know there is nothing like casting in python :-((

i have some solutions like the inerited class's constructor will have to
manually call a method in the baseclass.... but i wanted to make it a
way, so the inherited class doesn't have to deal with the baseclass,
except for the constructor...


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