Is there a "reset" in Idle?

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Fri Oct 11 16:43:24 CEST 2002

On 11 Oct 2002 14:00:47 GMT, Gerhard Häring
<gerhard.haering at> wrote:
>I'm using gvim, python.exe, PyUnit and the reference
>implementation of the new logging system in PEP 0282, which work
>very well and very efficiently. But then again, I'm currently
>only doing backend stuff and writing a few network servers. Maybe
>you're using Python in a domain where debuggers make more sense.
>> But he compares this to Visual Studio's slick interface and
>> finds Python wanting.
>You know, there are excellent IDEs with excellent debugging
>support (even remote debugging, and debugging of ZOPE) you can
>BUY: WingIDE.

It's kind of the open source culture deal.

Visual Studio is certainly a good IDE, and it's the one you get when
you first lay hands on any of the languages it supports.  It's just
there, you see.

For Python, newbies evaluating it as a tool have to wade through
competing claims from all over.  The basic downloads from
may or may not get you to the best available development environment.
I can't tell which of a dozen free or fee packages (IDEs, GUI
frameworks, other tools) may be better, and the whole project of
investigating all of them makes the evaluation of "Python" much more

I think the freebie Idle has to be just a little bit better (eg, it
ought to have a "reset" and get the breakpoints working under Windows)
if it's not going to scare away people.
Well, it looks reasonable, and if I keep on with Python I will have to
find the time to evaluate it, I guess.  But of course, if I don't
evaluate it, I may NOT keep on with Python, ...

Joshua Stern

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