Love "Python Cookbook"

Manuel M. Garcia mgarcia at
Thu Oct 3 23:02:59 CEST 2002

I love "Python Cookbook" too, but I have one small complaint.  Running
and reading some of the recipes it was clear the code in the book was
not tested in an automated way, using something like the module
"doctest".  So there are tiny errors in variable names, etc.  (I wish
I had marked up my book, I cannot find the examples now.)  I assume
that the code is fixed on the ActivePython site, so people who cut and
paste from the site instead of typing will have no problem.  Of
course, many of recipes are short, so a person may decide to type
instead of cut and paste.

The excellent quality of the book makes it more of a problem, because
I imagine from now on all people learning Python will buy "Python
Cookbook" as one of their first Python books, and little mistakes can
be very confusing to newbies.

The book is uniformly fantastic, congratulations to the authors!

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