Subclassing FixedPoint

Tim Peters at
Tue Oct 15 20:04:42 CEST 2002

[posted & mailed]

[paul at]
> Can anyone explain why the following fails when using the subclass
> (recursion problem), but work using the base class?

[Doug Fort]
> I presume it's a bug too. I'm tied up with my day job right now.
> I'll look into it when I get the chance. I fear it's related to
> the use of __slots__, which I threw in just because it sounded cool.

I've opened a bug report against Python on this:

__slots__ are irrelevant here, but deriving from object is not.  I'm unclear
on whether the change in behavior was intentional or is just a bug, so
assigned that report to Guido for clarification.  A brute-force workaround
(immune to choice of old-style vs new-style class) is explained at the
bottom of that bug report.

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