Jürgen Schmidt scjuonline at web.de
Tue Oct 8 11:04:42 CEST 2002

I'm sorry for being not very verbose 'til now:

Here is my original problem:
I'm writing a CGI program using Jon Ribbens' multi-threaded 'servlet'
interface.(http://jonpy.sourceforge.net/) This nice module is designed
the way that you write code as cgi, fcgi, mod_python, ...
simultaneously. After writing quite a bit logic I intented to test my
program (running as cgi so far) running as fcgi. But doing so I faced a
couple of problems: first, I got more processes, than I thought. Now I
know, Linux shows me threads as processes. Great. I've talked to Jon,
and he is saying that Linux thread implementation is "*buggy*". Threads
(showing as processes) stay after they are supposed to go away (after
serving a request).
Jon says: "...threads which are select
()ing on a socket do not get woken when another thread in
the same process closes that socket..."

But further more, sometimes the dynamic FCGIServers just hangs. And as
far as I've gotten by now, it hangs on nested imports. (say imports
inside functions or methods)

Now I'm trying to figure out, where to start.

Regards, J

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