[ANN] screensaver

Fred Pacquier fredp at mygale.org.nospam
Thu Oct 3 14:45:58 CEST 2002

anton at vredegoor.doge.nl (Anton Vredegoor) said :

> By the way I do not care much about number of downloads per se, but I
> like the feedback it generates a lot. Since the feedback seems to be
> not optimal it is possible that I have an attitude problem. Such
> things are always hard to discover form the inside, so please be
> patient.

Here is one idea : I work with the PythonCard framework a lot, and I have 
always thought that its "Hopalong" (fractal generator) sample app would 
make a great screensaver if randomized and made non-interactive.

Maybe you could integrate it with your screensaver engine to make something 
really beautiful ? Probably the PythonCard interface stuff could be taken 
out to keep only the fractal drawer, but in any case it would add wxPython 
to your dependency list. Probably worthwhile though...

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