SIAM Mini-Symposium on Python for Scientific Simulation

R. T. Pierrehumbert rtp1 at
Tue Oct 29 18:21:18 CET 2002

S.I.A.M. Mini-Symposium on Python for Scientific Simulation

At the May 27-31 S.I.A.M. Conference on Applications of
Dynamical systems, I will be holding a mini-symposium
on the use of Python for scientific simulation.   Topics so far include
chemical reaction kinetics, exploration of chaotic Hamiltonian
systems, climate simulation, and finite element fluid modeling.
I have up to four additional slots for speakers, and am interested
in hearing from others who have been using Python for
scientific simulation, or who have working on Python modules
which would be useful in simulation.

If you are interested in giving a talk, please send email and a
description of your work to me at rtp1 at
I will pick out the four contributions that fit best with the
program and provide information on abstract submission.
The abstract deadline is Nov. 26.

Although I will probably not have enough slots to give everybody
a chance to speak, I am indeed looking forward to hearing what
others have been doing with Python in this arena.  My
own project deals with climate simulation.

Attendance at the mini-symposium is open to all who
register for the SIAM meeting, which is being held
at Snowbird this year. For general information on
the meeting, see

--Raymond T. Pierrehumbert
   Prof. in Geophysical Sciences
   The University of Chicago
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