How to use xmlrpc properly with Korean (non-ascii characters)

Brian Quinlan brian at
Tue Oct 22 22:36:30 CEST 2002

> Be my guest.  I got tired of Dave Weiner's stubborn stance on 
> several issues and jumped off the xmlrpc mailing list over a 
> year ago.  He controls what is called "XML-RPC" very tightly.  
> Last time I checked, there was no movement on his part to allow 
> non-ASCII strings or anything like Python's None object.

The XML-RPC definition of a string is an "ASCII string", while the body
of a request is defined to be an XML document. 

These two definitions are contradictory because the ASCII string
definition would allow the transmission of non-XML characters while the
XML document definition precludes it.

I take the logicians perspective on this: contradictory premises allow
one to prove anything :-)

The simplest change would be to redefine string to be "a string of XML


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