[Mac] Editor on Macintosh?

François Granger fgranger at alussinan.org
Thu Oct 3 22:17:54 CEST 2002

François Granger <fgranger at teleprosoft.com> wrote:

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> >> In article <an7u1s$33de$1 at nntp6.u.washington.edu>, Russell E. Owen
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> >>> Python has the Mac IDE is a bit limited (need an extra plug-in even to
> >>> do syntax coloring)
> >> 
> >> What Plug-in works for the Python IDE?
> > 
> > I know an add-on of some kind used to exist, but I just looked for it
> > and couldn't find it. I've never used it myself so I may just have
> > overlooked it. If you subscribe to the MacPython mailing list I suggest
> > you ask there.
> Here they are:
> http://www.strout.net/python/mac/
> But, they are "unmaintained". And last time Y tried them (Python 2.1 ?) they
> did not worked well.

Shortly retested, PythonClassic 2.2 on MacOS 9.1. Seems to work, but
strange behaviour with font selection and event loop.

I use Pepper as a day to day editore and IDE without these patch for
short editing sessions.

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