Netnews access (was Re: Did someone turn down the volume?)

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Thu Oct 31 06:06:41 CET 2002

[posted to with cc to python-list, so if the newsfeed is fixed,
you may see this twice]

In article <mailman.1035986371.2411.python-list at>,
Chris Gonnerman <chris.gonnerman at> wrote:
>Hey, are they *ever* going to get that newsfeed fixed?  Does anyone
>know?  I miss my Python mail...
>Yes, I know I can just use a newsreader... but since, like, NOBODY on
>my ISP uses USENET they don't appear to have a feed set up.  (I am
>emailing the support team to find out for sure.)  I've grown accustomed
>to reading comp.lang.python via the python-list, though; I sure hope I
>can again soon.

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