Registry Problem with Python 2.2.2 on Win2K

joeoptics joeoptics at
Tue Oct 15 19:07:43 CEST 2002

I just installed the latest 2.2.2 python from the installer
Python-2.2.2.exe on my Windows 2000 box and I now have an association
problem with python files and pythonwin.exe.  I an run pythonwin just
fine from the start menu or a shortcut.  But the '.py' extension is no
longer associated with pythonwin.  I have tried going through the
'open with' dialogue and checking the 'Always use this program to open
these files' box.  It works for that file, once.  But it does not
permenantly associate pythonwin.  I think this is because pythonwin is
not on the default list of programs to associate and I need to use the
'others' button to get to pythonwin.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it does not help.  If
someone knows how to associate pythonwin.exe with the '.py' extension
I would appreciate a posting.

Thanks in advance.

david lees

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