Asking a user for the root password and executing root only commands...

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Thu Oct 31 09:08:24 CET 2002

On 31 Oct 2002 07:13:14 GMT, Gerhard =?iso-8859-1?Q?H=E4ring?= <gerhard.haering at> wrote:

>Bengt Richter wrote in comp.lang.python:
>> Out of the box my NT handles that better than my OOTB Linux, which was default
>> configured to shut down. I haven't played with that much. Is there a way to
>> start up a login on Ctrl-Alt-Del (probably meaning take over the video and go
>> into text mode)?
>Probably not.
>If you want to disable rebooting on the ctrl-alt-del sequence, "man
Done, just didn't know if there was a standard way to get a login out of it.

>inittab" should help. There's also an entry in the /proc filesystem,
>called /proc/sys/kernel/ctrl-alt-del, which controls wether
>ctrl-alt-del is handled by the kernel or by init:
That I didn't know. I'll file that for when(/if ;-) I get into it.
>(or wherever you keep your Linux sources).
>X11 is yet another beast, of course. On the KDE I use, it appears that
>ctrl-alt-del is handled by the session manager.
I don't even have X installed on my Linux box. I just use it to test server-type
stuff for the most part. Besides, that box being an old P90, GUIs tend to
be a little clunky ;-)

Bengt Richter

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