pickle magically not working

Michael Janssen Janssen at rz.uni-frankfurt.de
Tue Sep 17 04:37:37 EDT 2002

Martin v. Loewis wrote:

> jepler at unpythonic.net writes:
>> If I had to guess, I'd say the "fix" was in Pickle itself, you might
>> turn
>> something up by investigating Python's CVS tree.  Or somebody else
>> might be able to immediately indicate the relevant code...
> It's in structseq.c:structseq_reduce (rev. 1.4 and 1.5), also fixed in
> Python 2.2.1.
> Regards,
> Martin

thanks much,

now i can comment out my workaround and be sure it won't happen with 
any other object's.


PS: happy to see that every "black magic" is downtrackable :-)

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