RPy for Windows (unstable version)

Walter Moreira walterm at parque.homelinux.net
Fri Sep 20 02:01:48 CEST 2002

Hi. I have uploaded a Windows version of RPy to SourceForge. It is very
unstable (I'm not sure whether it even works on a Windows other than
mine :-) Please, send me your comments or problems. The next release
(mid or end of october) will be a real one. Download at


Two important problems with this release:
1. It doesn't locate the R dll's. You may need to copy R.dll to some
   location. Mine is 'Program Files\r\rw1404\bin\R.dll'
2. It only works from the DOS prompt, because the I/O is directed to


1.  WHAT IS RPy?

RPy is a very simple, yet robust, Python interface to the R Programming
Language (http://www.r-project.org).  It can manage all kinds of R
objects and can execute arbitrary R functions (including the graphic
functions).  All the errors from the R language are converted to Python
exceptions.  Any module that later were installed on the R system, can
easily be used from within Python, without introducing any changes. 

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