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Thu Sep 12 16:20:37 EDT 2002

"Russell E. Owen" <owen at nospam.invalid> schreef in bericht
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> True. It would help if the command callback sent an arguement that
> identified the widget (making it look a bit more like an event binding).
> In any event, it doesn't and command is unfortunately still the best way
> to handle button widgets.

In a recent thread it was pointed out that you can also bind to s function
of a specific object instance. Out of the top of my head:

Class A:
    def printarg( self, arg ):
        print arg

anA = a()
functionBoundToInstance = anA.printarg

functionBoundToInstance("Hello Python")

Hello Python

this would work also for widgets, command = aWidget.activate

Sorry didnot try it out yet :-)

regards Gerrit

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