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Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Sep 18 18:56:10 EDT 2002

Bradley D. Larson wrote:
> I might have missed it... (I read most of the posts on this subject).
> Why not just use a significant info registration key. The registration
> key would be sensative to date, registered name and/or some other
> piece of information that would be required to get the software to work.
> At least then  (if the person buying the pirated software) would have to:
>     1. Set their computer date BACK to the DATE of the original reg key use.
>     2. Enter the name of the original owner.
>     3. Enter the other information (ie. version, address -- if they move they get a
> new regkey).
> This would do several things.
>     1. Become pretty obvious to the purchaser that the software is pirated.
>     2. The pirater and/or purchaser would have to know all items relating to
>             the reg key.

You overlook the very common situation of pirates seeing this as a
challenge and breaking the program enough to install a fake registration
key that has user name "Johnny H4X0R" etc, and posting it to a dozen
warez sites.  Then all the other pirates download it and us it without
any original registry key involved.

Given the speed with which every program with such protections makes
it onto the warez sites with broken protection, you have to wonder why
people still think this is of much use.


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