Max line coords canvas.create_line() can display?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu Sep 5 13:27:13 EDT 2002

Jørgen Hansen wrote:

> the small program below fails to draw the line, when it is called with
> an integer larger than or equal to 16384. I only tested the script on
> a Windows 98 machine with Python 2.1.3.

this works just fine under Windows 2K.

a little digging reveals that this is a limitation of the Windows 9X
GDI implementation:

    Windows 95/98/Me: Polyline cannot draw more than a certain
    number of points. The limit depends on the line width (that is,
    the width of the pen selected into the DC), as shown in the
    following table.

    Line width -- Maximum points allowed
    line width is 1 -- 16K
    line width > 1 (that is, wideline) and device supports wideline -- 16K
    line width > 1 but device does not support wideline -- approximately
        1360 (that is, approximately 16K / 12)

    Any extra points are ignored. To draw a line with more points,
    divide the data into groups that have less than the maximum
    number of points and call the function for each group of points.
    Remember to connect the line segments.

(looks like a 64k limit somewhere in the device driver interface)


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