Python GUI app to impress the boss?

Dennis Lee Bieber wlfraed at
Sun Sep 22 16:58:07 EDT 2002

ChrisBarker fed this fish to the penguins on Wednesday 18 September 
2002 10:01 am:

> just like VB.
        Just located one of my references (O'Reilly: VB & VBA).

        Based upon the description, VB /currency/ data type is a 64-bit 
(binary) integer with implicit scaling for FOUR decimal places -- so 
one STILL has to be concerned with rounding to get to whole cents.

        The other "applicable" data type is /decimal/, which appears to be a 
28-digit packed BCD format. (Though where VB stores the sign and 
decimal point info I don't know -- book says the type takes 14-bytes).

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