xml question

Martin v. Löwis loewis at informatik.hu-berlin.de
Tue Sep 3 12:28:26 EDT 2002

Eric Texier <erict at millfilm.co.uk> writes:

> From Disk: (unicode)
> N1 [(None, u'fileName'), (None, u'OutputType'), (None, u'name'), (None,
> u'UId'), (None, u'version'), (None, u'node')]
> From Memory:
> N2 ['node', 'version', 'UId', 'fileName', 'OutputType', 'name']
> What will be the simplest thing to do in this case?

It appears that when parsing from disk, you have used a
namespace-aware mode, and when building the document from memory, you
use a namespace-unaware mode.

I recommend to use the same mode of operation for both cases. To get
namespace-unaware parsing from disk, assuming you use minidom.parse,
you should create a SAX parser that has the namespaces feature turned


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