Tkinter, updateStringProc for type font

Jeffrey Hobbs JeffH at
Wed Sep 11 12:57:51 EDT 2002

Pier Paolo Glave wrote:
> I'm facing a problem with my Python program, which uses Tkinter to
> interface Tcl/Tk.
> I sometimes get this error message from Tcl: 
> "UpdateStringProc should not be invoked for type font".
> As a consequence, the application crashes with SIGABRT (6).
> I'm using: Python 2.2, Tcl/Tk 8.3.3-69.
> I've seen in the tcl sources that this happens when a function named 
> Tcl_GetString() is called for a "type" which has the "byte" field set
> to NULL, and no "updateStringProc" function pointer: this seems to
> happen for Tk type "font", sometimes in my application.
> Anyway, I'm not able to understand more.
> Has anyone encountered this problem before?

Do you have any other C extensions in your application?  I've not seen this 
occur myself, except in bugs where other C extensions were abusing Tcl objects 

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