Returning lists from python COM servers

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>I'll remember to only chuck lists across the COM boundary.  Just out of
>interest, are there any other distributed object architectures that are
>better supported by Python? (corba, soap, ......)

CORBA is very well supported by Python. Check out omniORBpy or Fnorb:

I wrote omniORBpy, so that is the best one, of course :-)

SOAP is a bit of a mess (not just in Python -- everywhere) since the
specification has been changing too much, and nobody seems to agree on
its interpretation. It's also not strictly speaking a distributed
object architecture, since it doesn't have objects in the same way COM
and CORBA do.

Finally, you might want to consider Dopy and Pyro, which are Python
specific remote object systems. Personally I don't like being locked
into a single language (even if it's a language as nice as Python),
but they might work for you.



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