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Dennis Lee Bieber wlfraed at
Fri Sep 20 18:18:47 EDT 2002

Terje Johan Abrahamsen fed this fish to the penguins on Friday 20 
September 2002 01:12 pm:

> But, I guess my question boils down to, why is not Python a compiled
> language?
        Firstly, Python started life as a scripting language -- like REXX, 
DCL, PERL... As such, it was meant to avoid such intervening confusions 
as compile/link phases.

        Besides, there is a virtual machine intermediate -- modules that are 
mentioned in an "import" statement are compiled to the VM byte-codes 
(creating a <module>.pyc file) so subsequent invocations save time.

> Is it not possible to write a complete compiler like the C compiler
> for Python? Or is it just that nobody has done it? Or must the
> language be constructed differently?
        Do you know of a C compiler that builds executables that can read a C 
expression as input and compile/execute that expression? Most scripting 
languages can do that, as the interpreter is already present. 

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