pypgsql -- not preserving transactions ?

Frank Miles fpm at
Sun Sep 15 23:15:48 EDT 2002

I've discovered that the 2.0 version of pyPgSQL packaged with Debian/woody
doesn't preserve transactions (at least with Postgres).  For example, if
a transaction consists of a series of INSERTs, and an error occurs partway
through the series, a COMMIT at the end of the series will result in the
INSERTs up to the erroneous one being thrown out (rollback), but unfortunately
those following the error being committed.  In looking at the imported code,
there are comments about trying to recover from a defective state, with
the class variable 'inTransaction' being cleared.

Does any newer version fix this nonsense?  Or perhaps someone can recommend
an alternative module, preferably compatible with DB-API 2.0?



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