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> Dear Newser,
>      I'm a newbie for python. I wish to embed Python interpreter into my
> vc++ GUI app(for ms-windows only). when executing input statements (eg
> raw_input()) , in pythonwin environment (activepython) , it gets input
> using a new small input window, in IDLE , it gets input in its own
> window (next line). please help me to do these two type of inputs in
> my embeded GUI app. my app is only GUI , there is no console mode.

tha pythonwin way: you can write your own input function in c/c++ that gets 
the input from a message box. it should return Python string. (i assume 
you've found out how to write python funcs in c/c++, i.e. like those for in 
a module)
then you can replace the builtin function raw_input with your function 
(assign it to __builtin__.raw_input). take a look at the python win sources 
on how to do this in python.
> please debug my engliz bugs ...



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