Why Python?

Markus Jais mjais at web.de
Wed Sep 4 05:36:10 EDT 2002

Benjamin wrote:

> Hi guys (and girls)
> I just begun to learn how to program. And I choosed Python for
> doing that. surfing around the web i found an article about this
> language, they said it's the ideal language for beginners to the
> world of programming. and i admit it, the syntax is very clear making
> the code very readable, i learn easily the concepts of programming
> and i soon wrote some nice programs. but since i finished my
> newbie-tutorial, i am wondering about one question: is it worth to go
> deeper into python? i talked to a friend of mine, he told me that i
> should try php..
> what should i do?? ^_^ in other words: what is python good for?
> why should i continue with python?
> thank you!
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one reason is that with every programming language 
you can learn new concepts.

when I started with perl I learned a lot about string processing
and regular expressions and this knowledge is also useful
with python

with java I learned object oriented programming and the concepts
are also useful for python

with Ruby (my favourite, http://www.rubycentral.com) I learned
more about OOP and other cool stuff

with python (and ruby) I learned to appreciate clean syntax and
how to use OOP with a very dynamic language.

what I want to say:
you should always learn several languages. every one has its advantages
and if you know more you can decide which is best for you problems.

for example I try to use Ruby most of the time
but when there are good modules in python or perl for my problem but
ruby has no such module I swith to python or perl

the pragmatic programmers (http://www.pragmaticprogrammer.com - very good, 
you should visit it) recommend to learn at least one new language every 

so maybe you should learn both PHP and Python (and Ruby, of course :-)   )


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