More on Protecting Source Code

Zoltan Sekeres zoltan at
Tue Sep 17 05:00:49 EDT 2002

David LeBlanc wrote:
> Well, I think of it this way: machine coded binaries are more like a 128 bit
> key and Python is more like a 40 bit key. I agree that nothing is safe from
> reverse engineering; it's a matter of how much pain and money it takes to
> unscrut the inscrutable. Python could do better - how I'm not totally sure.

Why should do Python better wrt obscurity ? I don't think that's the
intention behind the language. As always: Use the right tool.
(Probably INTERCAL is the 
right one for you :-)

If you develop an app you have the copyright. If somebody uses it 
without your approval the law is on your side. But using obscurity to me 
always looks like starting a race which you cannot win. If you need a 
headstart use dongles and something heavily compiled.

The last time I looked SAP R/3 came with the ABAP source code for the 
business logic. And haven't heard that SAP has much of a problem with 


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