Python's import: why doesn't it work?

Jurie Horneman jhorneman at
Sun Sep 29 13:36:39 EDT 2002

"Jurie Horneman" <jhorneman at> wrote in message
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> rant

My thanks to both of the people who have ignored my ranting and tried to
help me. I believe I did what you suggested, but it didn't work, hence my

Right after posting my original problem, I completely removed and
reinstalled Python. And hey, now it works, with solution 4, ie packages as
they are described in the documentation. I don't know what I did to my
installation to make it do that, but my problem appears to be solved.

For what it's worth - I've already been called on this once in a private
email: although my post was meant to illustrate my frustration and criticism
of the Python docs, it was also meant to be at least partly
self-deprecatory. I should have known better: not because nobody out there
gets that, but because text, and especially text sent out to millions of
people, just is not a good place for irony - especially when one is asking
for help. So if you felt offended: sorry, that wasn't what I intended.

However, I do stand by my criticisms of the Python docs.


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