PyQT picture display

Jim jbublitzNO at
Sun Sep 8 01:02:38 EDT 2002

Jim wrote:
> Jim wrote:

>>As far as I can tell, nothing's wrong. It works fine
>>for me. Are you sure the jpg files actually exist and
>>the path to them is correct? The only thing I changed
>>in your program was the filenames for the image files.

>>I used PyQt-3.3.2 with Qt 2.3.0 on Linux.

>>(another) Jim

> The jpg files are in the same directory as the program. I'm using Qt 3.0.5 
> with PyQt 3.3.2 on Linux. I'm sure that JPEG support is compiled in the Qt 
> library as I got this to work using C++. Does JPEG support need to be built 
> in when compiling PyQt?  if so, what must I do to accomplish this? Thanks,

As far as I know, PyQt has no options for enabling or
disabling jpeg support - the jpeg handling appears to
be done at the C++ level, so if Qt has jpeg enabled,
that should be sufficient.

I also tested your program on a different machine
running Qt 3.03 - works fine there also. I have no
idea why you're having problems. Some of the things
you might try are full explicit paths to the jpg files,
different jpg files, make sure the jpg files you're
referencing are actually readable. Do you have
multiple versions of Qt running? If so, be sure that
Qt 3.0.5 libs are being found by PyQt at run time.
Run ldconfig just to be sure. Do the PyQt example
programs (in PyQt-3.3.2/examples3) work? Delete any
older PyQt files and re-run 'make install'.

Sorry I can't be of more help.


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