Good book choice?

David Lees debl2absolutelynospammy at
Mon Sep 16 00:43:30 CEST 2002

I looked at the Rashi Gupta book, but purchased 'Practical Python' by
Magnus Lie Hetland, which I have read about the first 80 pages.  I like
the book, which is written in a conversational style.  There are many
clear short examples of each of the language elements.  If you have a
bookstore you might go browse it and compare the two.

David Lees

Eva wrote:
> Hello all!
> I am new to Python but an experienced programmer in Fortran95 (not too
> object
> oriented). I am looking for a suited Python book. I'd like it to have
> clear ideas about OO, as well as an straight pointing into the core
> language.
> It seems that 'Python Essential Reference (2nd Edition)' is a good
> choice. There is also the book 'Making use of Python' (by Rashi
> Gupta). Is there any user that bought both? Is it good the treatment
> of OO in the former? Is there a lack of applications point of view in
> the former? Could anybody compare them? pros/cons?
> Thanks in advance,
> Eva.

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