ANN: PyQt v3.4 Released

Phil Thompson phil at
Tue Sep 10 18:04:17 EDT 2002

Riverbank Computing Limited is pleased to announce the release of v3.4 
of PyQt at

PyQt is the set of Python bindings for Trolltech's GUI (and SQL and XML) 
toolkit for UNIX/Linux and Windows. It contains 300 classes and over 
5,750 functions and methods. It comes with a debugger and a utility for 
generating Python code from GUIs created with Qt Designer.

The main difference in this release is a change in licensing. PyQt is 
now licensed in a similar way to Qt itself with a GPL version and a 
commercial version. The GPL version is only available for UNIX/Linux. If 
you are using the commercial version of Qt then you also need the 
commercial version of PyQt. If you are using the GPL version of Qt then 
you can use the GPL version of PyQt. See the website for more details.

Also released are updated (and free) binary packages for the 
non-commercial edition of Qt under Windows and the GPL version for the 
iPAQ and Zaurus.

SIP v3.4 has also been released. SIP is the C++ bindings generator used 
to create PyQt.


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