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Thu Sep 26 07:21:46 CEST 2002

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> We have a Novell net at our school and are trying to install 
> Python 2.2 on a Novell server. This does not work at the 
> moment as we get the error message "python.dll not found" 
> at the moment.
> Is it possible to install Python a a server or has it to be 
> installed locally on each workstation?

I have successfully used the Pythonware distribution stored
on a Linux/Samba server from various Win32 clients... I
assume something like this is what you want?

You need a special startup batch file to run this way, or a
starter executable, which can set the PATH to include the
Python folder.  This should be easy on a Novell system
where you can use the login script to set the path

The version uses the registry to contain some
paths; if you use win32all with the Pythonware version, you
need to set those registry entries manually.
has a FAQ for this (don't have the URL handy).

Good luck!

Chris Gonnerman -- chris.gonnerman at

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