simpleparse example

Johan de Witte johandewitte at
Tue Sep 3 07:52:53 EDT 2002

baronvm2 at wrote in message news:<3d62a770.10000379 at>...
> Hi,
> I'm trying to use SimpleParse to process semistructured data. I have
> defined the language and can produce a taglist. 
> How can I use the dispatchprocessor to process the taglist? Does
> anybody have an example.
> Thanx,
> Hans

I have plenty of working code to do such a thing. I use it to parse
weakly structured HTML pages and strip out the unneeded stuff. The
code can however be applied to almost _any_ kind of data.
(Theoreticaly it can be applied to _any_ kind of data). You can have
tons of examples, and you can use all my stuff as long as you don't
sell it.

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