Python and GUI question

Gregor Lingl glingl at
Sun Sep 29 14:52:53 EDT 2002

Josef Bürgi schrieb:

> Dear NG
> I designed a CMS using mySQL and PHP. Now I like to write an administrativ
> GUI Client Tool using Python. So I bought a few books about it, saying that
> there is more then one GUI interface (Tk, Qt, xvWindow). So can anyone tell
> me which one you use and why ? And how do you Design GUI interfaces (IDE) ?

There is a nice book (in German): Python and GUI-Toolkits, (mitp), which
contains a thorough evaluation of all those toolkits as well as
a bunch of tipps concerning their respective strengths and weaknesses, 
and when to use which one.

Regards (from Austria)


(P.S.: As a teacher I use Tkinter, because it comes with Python and 
everybody who has Python has it. I don't have to delve deep into

> Best wishes fromSwitzerland
> Joe

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