revenge of the python puzzle

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Thu Sep 26 02:00:36 EDT 2002

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 Michal Wallace <sabren at> wrote:

> Okay, so you guys think you're so smart. Try this one!  No
> contest this time, I've learned my lesson.  (I suppose if
> someone really wants some free hosting bad enough to solve
> this puzzle, you could talk me into it, but I'm just posting
> this for revenge... Um, I mean "fun".)

I'm not going to spoil this, just point out that my cryptogram applet (sorry, not written in 
Python, but Java source available) solves this really easily.  You'd 
have to make it a lot shorter or a lot less like English to make it 
difficult...  of course to a human the keywords in the lines with colons 
are dead giveaways...

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