Tkinter listbox clicking problem

Russell E. Owen owen at nospam.invalid
Mon Sep 16 13:01:39 EDT 2002

That's odd, the first thing I looked for in Listbox when trying to 
answer the original poster's question was the ability to tag items, 
since binding events to tagged items would have been a good solution. I 
don't think items in a Listbox can be tagged. I fear I'm missing 
something, but I'm not sure what. (I imagine one could emulate a Listbox 
with a Text widget, tag each line and bind to those tags, but it sounds 
like a fair amount of work to get the selection behavior right.)

Fortunately Eric Brunel's suggestion of binding to Button-Release will 
do the trick. This is the approach taken by Brian Welch in "Practical 
Programming in Tcl and Tk" (which is where I should have looked to start 
with). By the time the mouse button is released, you can safely query 
the list to ask it for the selection and it will match what the user 

Admittedly the user may be more used to mouse down triggering actions, 
but that model just doesn't seem to mesh well with the standard bindings 
for Listbox.

-- Russell

>Whoa!  There's a far easier solution.  Read up on 'bindtags'
>in <URL: > and elsewhere.
><URL: > has a small
>example that almost is pertinent.

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